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Scholarship Recipient

Please join us for a presentation by Jayne Boehmler, the 2018 A&WMA - Eastern Sierra Chapter Scholarship recipient and graduate research assistant. She will be presenting her research on the development of a lightweight multispectral instrument for hand held and unmanned aircraft system (UAS) measurements of surface albedo with its first applications for the glaciers in the Peruvian Andes and for Nevada's Black Rock Desert. Accurate atmospheric aerosol characteristics derived from satellite measurements are needed over a variety of land surfaces. Nonhomogeneuos and bright surface reflectance across CA and NV may be a contributing factor in the discrepancies observed between ground based and satellite-retrieved atmospheric aerosol optical depth (AOD). Jayne and her colleagues developed and deployed this UAS to measure albedo to evaluate a major factor that influences the acuracy of AOD retrievals.

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